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Systems & Strategic Thinking. Equity-Centered Research. Organizational Learning.



From discovery and exploratory, to evaluative, to iterative, I can support your organization or team with any phase of user experience research. I'm skilled in user interviews & focus groups, card sorting for information architecture, usability and A/B testing, and diary studies. As a mixed-methods researcher, I can help answer your critical business questions utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methods.


Not sure what activities or inputs are important for your program or business outcomes? Need help understanding what data to collect and what business functions are driving sales & outputs? I can support your team in building a logic model to map inputs, activities and crucial drivers of success.

Using best-practices across industries in strategic partnership with internal and institutional knowledge, I can design and implement the right employee surveys that will help you learn about how your staff feel at work. Have a non-staff specific survey need? Feel free to reach out to discuss further!


Understanding effective programming is critical for impact. We cannot learn how well our programs are doing if we don't try and measure their impact and success. Together we can design and implement evaluation methods that fit your organization's resources and carefully measure what you need to learn about for success.


Culture is one of the trickiest and yet most critical elements of an organization's success. Having a more in-depth understanding of how your staff feel and experience your workplace culture can be a transformative first step in growth and change for an organization of any size. Using critical qualitative and quantitative research methods, I can embed myself into your organization's culture in order to understand the rich texture of your company. With this deep data, I can provide recommendations and guidance for change and improvement aligned with your near- and long-term goals and strategy


Not sure what type of service is right for you? Interested in exploring a variety of the options above? Schedule a call with me HERE to set up an introductory and exploratory call to tailor the support and service you need.

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